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Lower Niobrara NRD Newest Director

The Lower Niobrara NRD would like to welcome Shaun Higgins as the newest Director for Sub- District #1. He was appointed by the Board to complete his father’s, Tommy Higgins’s term. Shaun is a farmer/rancher and grew up on the…

Lower Niobrara NRD New Director

The Lower Niobrara NRD would like to welcome Steve Mahlendorf as the newest Director for Sub-District 3. Steve is a farmer/rancher and sells crop insurance. Steve is interested in improving and looking after our Natural Resources so they can be…

Tree Planting

Don’t forget to get your tree order in!

It’s not too late to get your tree order into the Lower Niobrara NRD as the cold wind blows and the snow continues to fall this winter. It is the right time to start considering planting a new windbreak or filling in your old windbreak that has lost trees over the years. Windbreaks consisting of a variety of trees and shrubs, if properly planted, will reduce wind velocity, which impacts the distribution of blowing snow. Windbreaks can spread snow across protected areas to provide moisture for crops and rangelands, protect livestock by decreased rifting, and reduce energy cost.

Nitrogen Management Certification

Nitrogen Management Certification is available via at-home workbook and test. Please call and we can mail out the test to you. (402) 775-2343

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